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Whether you are an established business or just starting, Scot Race Consult can help you get the most from your business through a friendly and approachable service. The services will be based on experience and a depth of professional accounting, auditing and training expertise which will meet clients’ business needs.

Ensuring continuity of service, is of paramount importance to us and to our client. With us besides your enterprise, you will have more time to concentrate on making your business more profitable.

Located in Gaborone – Botswana, clients can always be safe in the knowledge that we are available to see them at their own convenience.

A significant part of our business is providing Statutory Auditing services. We however, offer back office client support to non-auditing clients covering bookkeeping and accounts preparation, accounts management and document handling. Other services include providing general business support services in addition to corporate compliance services.

Clients Benefits at Scot Race SA.

Policy shifts towards Citizen Economic Empowerment (CEE) and various support mechanisms have meant that more locals are encouraged to venture into business. Therefore Entrepreneurship is an essential service for the company as it resonates well with current policy thrusts. 

We are serving investors from abroad who targeting South Africa and Africa at large for investments. We have already concluded and still concluding investments for investors from the United Kingdom, United States, China, Europe and locally South Africans investing in Botswana and Zimbabwe. The company has successfully concluded acquisitions where target businesses were outright acquired by locals. In some instances it will be paramount for mergers to take place as there will be issues to do with knowledge transfers, securing supply and distributions chains inside and outside South Africa.  

Corporate Training

This is one area that is well positioned within our SRC Institution that provides Corporate Training which is BQA accredited in Botswana and beyond, equipping entrepreneurs and investors with the relevant and necessary skills to better enhance their productivity in their businesses or the workplace. To be the winner in business you must upskill your staff members.  

Business Advisory.

Organisations and Corporates are faced with myriad complications as a result of the turbulent business environment or implications of Covid-19. SRS and its SBUs are assisting corporates and high net worth individuals to turn around fortunes and build resilience in businesses. We achieve this through sound relationships and the use of mentoring & coaching. 


 The best way to save tax is to pay it on time and to comply but making sure you serve tax through tax planning and is where you benefit from working with us.



Social Responsibility

We support the efforts to eliminate poverty in our greater South Africa, through training and development with an emphasis on self-sustenance, at affordable prices. We endeavour to engage with the community and identify the vulnerable members of the community and empower them. Through our entrepreneurial development skills, we support women in business and all aspiring women. We support government initiatives and other pressure groups fighting for gender imbalances.

We are committed to the development and creation of self-help projects and small businesses for the local community.

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